Integrating cutting-edge technology with practical design thinking to transform not just what you do,

but how you do it.  

Understand | Assess | execute

Blockchain technology

with organizational design.

Business model & organizational Frameworks

Strategic consulting & assessment of Blockchain-based business models with organizational design to maximize growth potential.  Focused on business model assessment, technical architecture and large scale growth strategy.

execution & implementation

Taking you every step of the way

 from proposal to pilot to product. ​​

Includes elements of market research, due diligence, project management, technical design, and workshop facilitation.

We work with all levels of your company to carry out your new business growth strategies.

Our Clients:

What you can expect:

assessment and EXECUTION strategy for business models implementing both Blockchain technology and effective organizational design.

Impera Strategy

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Education


Simplify the various concepts and applications of Blockchain & Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies.   This will take you (and your team) out of the dark & up to speed.  Includes many examples and Q&A.  Ideal for Financial or Tech focused individuals and companies.