execution & implementation

Taking you every step of the way

 from proposal to pilot to product. ​​

Includes elements of Project management, Coaching, and workshop facilitation, working with all levels of your company to carry out your new growth strategies.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Education


Simplify the various concepts and applications of Blockchain & Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies.   This will take you (and your team) out of the dark & up to speed.  Includes many examples and Q&A.  Ideal for Financial or Tech focused individuals and companies.

Integrating cutting-edge technology with practical design thinking & problem solving to transform not just what you do, but how you do it.  

Understand | Assess | execute

Blockchain technology

with organizational design.

Business model & organizational Frameworks

Strategic consulting & assessment of Blockchain-based business models with organizational design to maximize growth potential.  Focused on market/business model assessment and team strategy coaching.

What you can expect:

assessment and EXECUTION strategy for business models implementing both Blockchain technology and effective organizational design.

Impera Strategy

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