Private Speaking Engagements


Blockchain and Bitcoin dominate headlines worldwide, threatening to disrupt entire industries, but not many know how and why it works.
In this formal and interactive seminar, we go into the technical and practical aspects of:
1) Blockchain: What it is, How it works, What it takes to build one, Types, Applications in crypto & enterprise, Cryptography/Hashes, and Smart Contracts (Ethereum).
2) Bitcoin: How it works, Mining, Rewards, Pools, ICO's, Altcoins, Crypto Wallets, Public/Private keys, and Forks (like Bitcoin Cash).
3) Some of the key Shortcomings and Risks of both.

Impera Strategy

Over 1800 Alt-coins/Cryptocurrencies exist worldwide, focusing on everything from Marijuana to Megawatts, with a combined market cap near $5Billion. But what exactly are these Alt-Coins doing and offering? And how can I get involved?
In this formal & interactive seminar, we cover the technical and practical aspects of:
1) What Alt-coins are, how they're made, their three distinct types, investment opportunity, technical differences, consensus models - and things to look out for!
2) A few specific Altcoins in-depth like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple, EOS, Monero and NEO, as well as some interesting ICO's.
3) Types of crypto-wallets and Altcoin trading platforms with live examples of how to set up both, and keep track of investments.

While freely traded Crypto makes headlines, the unseen part of the blockchain iceberg lies in enterprise applications being developed by every large enterprise around the world.  What does this look like? What impact does this have on business models, revenue generation, and network incentive structures?
In this formal & interactive seminar, we cover the technical and practical aspects of:
1) Different types of private blockchain applications.

2) A few specific pilots being modeled today in industries including healthcare, insurance, transportation, energy, real estate, asset management, and supply chain.
3) How new incentive structures and value quantification created by distributed ledgers impact different participants in a businesses ecosystem.